James Yang & EnsembLinx

Unforgettable Songs

James Yang


After a successful career in business, Melbourne-based Chinese tenor James Yang returns at last to his lifelong passion: music.

In this concert, Yang sings well-known Chinese, Japanese and Western art songs, Peking opera, Huangmei opera, and two songs composed by internationally acclaimed Chinese born Australian composer Julian Yu.

Yang’s rich, sonorous voice is supported by the artistry of EnsembLinx, comprising four of Melbourne’s finest musicians whose aim is to link the audience with music from many cultures, particularly Asian.

Three highly entertaining short instrumental pieces by Julian Yu fill out the musical texture and demonstrate his remarkable imagination, emotional range and compositional mastery.

Presented by James Yang and EnsembLinx


All songs are sung in Mandarin except where another language is indicated.
All accompaniments to the songs are arranged by Julian Yu.

Instrumental Ensemble by Julian Yu
Remembering the Heroes (Text: JIN Fan; Music: Julian Yu)
Night in the Grasslands (Text: ZHANG Jiayi; Music: TIAN Ge)
How Could I Not Miss Her? (Text: LIU Bannong; Music: ZHAO Yuanren)
Mozartiana I (Instrumental Ensemble by Julian Yu)
Song of the Seashore (Japanese) (Music by NARITA Tamezo)
O Sole Mio [My Sun] (Italian) (Text: Giovanni Capurro; Music: Eduardo di Capua)
‘Der Lindenbaum’ [The Linden Tree] (Song #5 from Winterreise [Winter Journey] (Original in German, sung in Mandarin) (Text: Wilhelm Müller; Music: Franz Schubert)
Mozartiana II (Instrumental Ensemble by Julian Yu)
Ode to Zen (Text: Sheng Tong; Music: Julian Yu)
‘How Can I Forget?’ (Modern Peking Opera, music by YU Huiyong)


James Yang tenor
Robert Schubert clarinet
Isin Cakmakcioglu violin
Virginia Kable cello
Akemi Schubert piano