Unholy Rackett - Il maestro del fagotto

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Late renaissance dance suites of Imperial Austria, Baroque Venice and more.

Il maestro del fagotto (‘the bassoon master’) follows the footsteps of Spanish Renaissance composer and instrumentalist Bartolmé Selma y Salaverde, the most famous decedent of a family of bassoon makers, players and composers.

From the conservative church polyphony of Selma’s native Iberian Peninsula, to the decadent late-Renaissance dance suites of Imperial Austria where he spent his early career, and finally to the thrilling new Baroque style of Venice where he eventually settled, Selma’s works evolved as did the instrument, performed in this illuminating concert by Unholy Rackett.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Unholy Rackett


Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde
Canzon a2 bassi
Canzon a2 tenori
Sonata No.10 per fagotto solo
Sonata No.6 Vestiva Hi Colli Pasegiato
Canzon No.17 a2 basso & soprano
Canzon Soprano Solo
Canzon No.38 a3 soprano, ten e basso

D. Pedro de Cristo
O Magnum Mysterium

Francisco Guerrero
Oy, Joseph

Paul Peuerl
Suite 6 and 7


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