A Tale of Love and Death



Intriguing contemporary music with a twist.

Fourtneen years, four albums, one ARIA award and two ARIA nominations, Zulya and The Children of the Underground is placed firmly at the crossroads of restlessness and the sublime. The result: a transformative concert of music that is haunting and nuanced, with Zulya’s smouldering vocals supported and enriched by accordion, clarinet, guitar, double bass and percussion.

Inspired by lead singer Zulya’s Tatar and Russian heritage and her interest in the fairy-tale world of storytelling and riddles, this is intriguing contemporary music with a twist. Like the stories they are drawn from, this unique selection of fairy tales and riddles set to music ranges from the poignant and beautiful to the mysterious and macabre. The music defies being labeled, but has been described as ‘Kurt Weillish, Euro- Cabaret jazz colliding with lullabies constructed to tear your heart out.’

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Zulya and the Children of the Underground


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