Aelita, Queen of Mars & The Spheres



Directed by Yakov Protazanov in the theatrical, futuristic constructivist style that Fritz Lang famously drew inspiration from whilst creating Metropolis (1927), Aelita, Queen of Mars (1924) is perhaps most widely remembered as the first Russian sci-fi film.

This visually breathtaking cinematic work that was in many respects, ahead of its time and is screening care of the National Film and Sound Archive, Australia.

Presented in the Salon with a live score by The Spheres, this performance sees the experimental AV ensemble explore the conflux of post rock, sound art and silent cinematics.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre, The National Film and Sound Archive & Kinotopia


Aelita turns out to have been a film before its time, and indeed a work of classic sci-fi, in its extremely imaginative use of technology, costuming, and set design [which] contributed to a rich cinematic vocabulary without which it would be hard to imagine the aesthetics of much science fiction in general.