Autumn Airs

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With a passion for early and modern repertoire and an ability to seamlessly cross the genres and performance styles of folk and art-music, Evergreen Ensemble is an up-and-coming ensemble with a unique musical language.

Their line-up consists of Baroque violin and oboe mixed with bassoon, small pipes and cello. Performing works of 18th-century Scotland, each piece is inspired by a different plant, flower or vegetable. Music and gardening find common ground with fascinating horticultural commentary on the leafy titles given by Simon Rickard.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Evergreen Ensemble


James Oswald
The Passiflora
The Starwort

Inverness Fair: Cawdor Fair Set

James Oswald
The Amaranthus
The Night Shade
The Sumach

My Bonny Laddie has my heart
Roseate Tern

Henry Purcell
Trio Sonata in G minor

James Oswald
The Sneez-Wort
The Scabious
The Candy Tuft