Biber's Violin

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Continuo Collective delights in presenting rarely heard music on rare and beautiful instruments.

The have a passion for exploring the role of plucked instruments in the improvisatory art of basso continuo and as accompaniment to other instruments.

At the heart of Biber’s style is unpredictability. Yet his works are bursting with imagination that is as captivating to modern audiences as it must have been to audiences in the 17th Century. These sonatas reveal a violin virtuoso who pushed the instrument further than anyone before him.

Leading Australian Baroque violinist, Rachael Beesley is the featured soloist in this program celebrating the extraordinary innovation of Bohemian composer, Heinrich Biber. The plucked continuo of Samantha Cohen (theorbo) and Geoffrey Morris (guitar) are enhanced by Laura Vaughan’s viola da gamba and the exotic lirone.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Continuo Collective


Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Sonata II, C139: Praeludium/Aria e Variatio/Finale – Salzburg 1681
Sonata Representativa, C146: Allegro/Nachtigal (Nightingale)/CuCu (Cuckoo)/Fresch (Frog)/Die Henn & Der Hann (Cock and Hen)/Die Wachtel (Quail)/Die Katz (Cat)/Musquetir Mars (Musketeer’s March)/Allemande – c.1669
Sonata V, C142: Praeludium/Variatio/Presto/Aria e Variatio – Salzburg 1681
Passacaglia for solo lute – Mystery
(Rosary) Sonata # 16 in G minor C.105 (arr. anonymous)
Sonata VI, C143: Sonata/Passacagli/Sonata/Gavotte/Finale – Salzburg 1681


Continuo Collective
Rachael Beesley violin
Laura Vaughan viola da gamba, lirone
Samantha Cohen theorbo
Geoffrey Morris guitar