Bright Star

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Bright Star traces the life, love and genius of John Keats and Franz Schubert – two bright stars of the late 19th century Romantic Movement which produced some of the greatest art in European history.

They were contemporaneous geniuses and kindred spirits who never met but shared many parallels – both died too young and each loved a woman who was beyond their reach because of her high social standing. Both created masterpieces of poetry and music which would live on for centuries for the very timelessness of their nature and insight into the human condition, from ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn’, ‘Bright Star’ and ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’.

In this intimate presentation John Bell and Simon Tedeschi renew their triumphant partnership, to share in conversation, a feast of some of the most beloved Romantic poems of Keats, and music by Schubert including his Ave Maria, Winterreise, impromptus op.90 and Sonata No.18 in G (‘Fantasie’).

John Bell and Simon Tedeschi will be selling and signing CDs in the ground floor foyer following the performance.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


Simon Tedeschi piano
John Bell poetry readings


John will read some of Keats’ most beloved poems including “Ode to a Nightingale”, “Ode to Autumn”, “Ode to a Grecian Urn” and “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”

Franz Schubert
4 impromptus D.899, Op.90
and excerpts from:
Sonata No.18 in G, D894 (‘Fantasie’)
Wanderer Fantasy in C, D760, Op.15