Burst Into Song!


Recommended for ages 3 - 7 years


Join us for an inspiring community sing-along extravaganza – Burst into Song!

Singing is one of the most joyous ways we are able to express the music that resonates inside all of us. Join music educator Karen Kyriakou and our Music Play string quintet in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall for a 1000-voice interactive choral extravaganza and celebrate some of your favourite nursery rhymes with a twist!

Older siblings, friends and family up for challenge are also welcome to join us on this musical adventure.

Burst Into Song will have something for everybody to get involved in! Burst Into Song is open to one and all – come with your friends and family or register your community group. No prior singing experience necessary!


Burst Into Song is open to one and all, but prior registration is essential. Come on your own, come with friends and family or register your children’s choir. No prior singing experience (or musical talent) necessary!


Celebrate some of your favourite nursery rhymes with a twist – including Five Little Monkeys and the Green Grass Grows All Around.

The full song list will be available online by Monday 11 December 2017.

Not participating? Not to worry, come along to Music Play and hear the wonderful performances taking place in the Centre and its surrounds.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


Polly put the kettle on
The Wheels on the Bus
How Many Fingers On One hand?
Wind the Bobbin Up
Old Macdonald Had A Farm
Five Little Monkeys
Do Re Mi Jam
The Green Grass Grows
Twinkle Twinkle
Everybody Play The Beat


Option 1) Individuals and Small Groups:

For individuals and small groups (less than 20 people) please register by clicking the BOOK TICKETS button.

Option 2) Large Groups and Choirs

For all group and choir bookings please register by contacting our Programming Team directly on 9699 2228. Please note that if you register as a large group or choir you do not need to register separately via the online process.