Chinese New Year Concert - Treasures of a Nation

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Discover a new world of music, stunning visuals and virtuosity

Celebrating the Chinese New Year 2018, the prestigious Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater will make their New Zealand debut and Australian return for a unique one-off concert Treasures of a Nation in Auckland, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Treasures of a Nation promises to be truly a transcendent experience that merges traditional Chinese style with contemporary music. The concert will take you on a fascinating musical journey, exploring the treasures of a nation and immersing yourself in the rich culture.

The renowned national-level Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, the first professional Chinese traditional orchestra established in 1951, has created a large number of popular opera and dance dramas. The Orchestra has a unique artistic style and has fostered a large number of performers with high artistic attainments. The Orchestra has accumulated many transitional and popular instrumental music works and its members have taken part in national and international instrumental music competitions and won many prizes.

‘…making stirring, unusual and enjoyable music…’ Canberra Critics Circle

Join the artists for a post-concert CD signing in the Ground Floor Foyer.

Presented by OAACA & Ausfeng


Conductor, Hong Xia
Jinghu, Bai Miao
Guzheng, Lei Dianyun
Pipa, Luo Huifang
Sona, Liu Xizhan
Erhu, Li Luyang
Sheng, Song Yang
Flute, Yu Xiaoqing