Dark Star

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International soloist and recording artist Peter Sheridan and Orchestra Victoria Principal Flute Lisa-Maree Amos are the Married Flutes

Their performances transport listeners into a unique sound spectrum with the soulful, natural qualities of the low flutes.

Dark Star collects together many of their favourite pieces commissioned or recorded by the duo over the past decades – all of which focus on the extraordinary beauty of the low flutes. The star of the show is the Subcontra Bass Flute fondly known as Subby – made from Black PVC piping rubber pads!

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and The Married Flutes


Jules Mouquet
Pan et les Oiseaux from La Flûte de Pan arr. Andersen and Felber

Daniel Dorff
Spirit of the Hudson

Carolyn Morris
Forest over Sea

Andrew Downe
Largo from Sonata

Ross Edwards

Gary Schocker
Dark Star

Peter Sheridan
And the Giant Begins to Dance

Michael Daugherty


Peter Sheridan Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Contra Bass Flute and Subcontra Bass Flute
Lisa-Maree Amos Flute, Alto Flute


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A uniquely intimate and virtuosic perspective on music.