Duo Åkerlund/Paulson



Duo Åkerlund/Paulson play music for dreamers and dancers using the language of traditional Swedish folk.

Simplicity becomes something beautiful in their poetic dance and musical conversation. Nyckelharpa virtuoso, Josefina Paulson, is acclaimed as one of Sweden’s finest traditional musicians.

She has a bachelor degree in traditional Swedish music from the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, and tours internationally, performing, teaching and sharing her deep knowledge of the traditional music of her homeland region, Västmanland. Jonas Åkerlund is a multi instrumentalist, playing fiddle, hardangerfiddle, guitar and Swedish bagpipe. Trained at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Jonas is known for his personal and traditionally rich playing of music from Västerdalarna and Smäland and for his exploration of the borders between tradition, improvisation and creativity.

This concert is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Boite World Music Cafe