Euphony (Ahenk)

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To commemorate 50 years of Turkish culture and migration in Australia, Mt Hira College brings together 35 renowned musicians from Australia, Turkey and the Netherlands.

The magnificent orchestration of Euphony, conducted by acclaimed musician, Iskender Ozan Toprak, combines rhythmic and percussive sounds from Turkish culture.

As a special guest, for the first time in Australia, Professor Erol Parlak, Vice-Chancellor of Ankara Fine Arts University, shall take the stage. Euphony aims to build upon the Turkish culture in Melbourne, as well as the identity of a culturally diverse community. Euphony features Turkish artists Mehmet Çeliksu, Veysel Lekesizgöz, Elif Canfezâ Gündüz, Mert Elmas, Hussein Kireççi, plus from the Netherlands Sinan Arat and from Australia, Aylin Eser.

Proudly sponsored by The Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, The Consulate General of Melbourne, The Commonwealth Bank and Turkish Airlines.

Presented by Mt Hira College


Iskender Ozan Toprak , Composer, conductor, Instrumanist
Prof. Erol Parlak, Instrumanist , singer
Aylin Eser, singer