Fire & Water



Ocean is a very unique project combining western classical music elements with ancient traditional eastern melodies and rhythms.

It brings together some of Melbourne’s best classical and world music performers. Consisting of baglama, yayli tambur, bendir, vocals, oboe, flute, soprano saxophone, double bass, cello, viola and violins; it is a ‘must see’ show for all ages who appreciate the depth of music.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and OCEAN


Iskender Ozan Toprak; baglama, yayli tambur, mizrapli tambur, cura, vocals,
Ben Opie; oboe
Leila Engle; flute
Alisha Brooks; soprano saxophone
Natasha Conrau; violin
Phoebe Green; viola
Stephanie Arnold; cello
Miranda Hill; double bass
Murat Yucel; ethnic percussions, drum kit, electronics


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