L'amour: Music and the Language of Love



The members of Baroque trio Latitude 37 were drawn together by their passion for historically informed performance of 17th and 18th-century music.

The combination of Baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord opens up a wealth of repertoire that is rarely explored by other Australian ensembles. Three top graduates of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, the members of Latitude 37 share a unified interest in cultivating and communicating their art with their performance spontaneity inspired by the art of improvisation, communication and the humanity of a genre of music intended to charm and enchant.

In this program representing the height of elegance and artistic achievement in Versaille, grace, beauty, refinement and above all, good taste reign supreme. Joined by special guest Lucinda Moon (Baroque violin), Latitude 37 explores courtly airs praising the virtues of love, the contrasting emotions of war and peace, and instrumentals embodying the very best of the French style.

Please note, due to illness Julia Fredersdorff has withdrawn from this concert. Artists for this concert will be Laura Vaughn (Viola da Gamba), Donald Nicholson (Harpsichord) and Guest Artist Lucinda Moon (Baroque Violin).

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Latitude 37


François Couperin
Concert No.9, ‘Il Ritratto dell’amore’

Antoine Boësset
N’Espérez plus mes yeux

Marin Marais
Troisième livre de pièces de viole

François Couperin
Troisième livre de pièces de clavecin, Ordre XIV in D
Le rossignol-en-amour: Lentement, et tres tendrement
Le Petit-Rien, Rondeau: Légérement

Marin Marais

François Couperin
Les Fauvétes Plaintives: Tres tendrement

Marin Marais

Jacques Morel
Livre de pièces de violle


Latitude 37
Lucinda Moon Baroque violin