Megaphone Madness



Twenty-five bright red megaphones of different shapes and sizes transform the outside of the Centre into a fun audio playground for young and old.

Shout, speak or sing into one of these special instruments and listen to voices mysteriously return via a custom-designed wireless audio network, manipulated through simple acoustics.

It’s a game of sound and physical play and an interactive performance that creates a world of private and public broadcast for both the audience and the artists! Get inventive and enjoy the sights and sounds of this field of megaphones.

Created by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey.


The megaphone project is an interactive sound field, and as an installation allows people to discover a game of sound and physical play: a world of private and public broadcast.

Twenty-five striking red megaphones of different shapes and sizes recreate the miracle of wireless tincan telephones, and the joyful manipulations of voices that are naturally reinforced through simple acoustics. Voices then mysteriously and ambiguously return via our custom wireless audio network. The megaphones create an interactive performance field for both the public and the artists. In the field of megaphones, the audience creates a lively environment of play and enjoyment that is all their own invention.

The Megaphone Project has been a phenomenal success in Australia over the past three years, touring to every mainland capital city at least once, and several regional centres in Victoria and New South Wales. Since the generous commission of the work in 2007 for the FINA Cultural Festival by ArtPlay, the work has been part of Awesome Arts Festival, Perth: APAM, Adelaide: Newcastle Live Sites,Out of the Box Brisbane, Carriageworks Festival, Sydney,Sydney Opera House,Womadelaide: a tour of regional festivals in Victoria, Darwin Festival and Brisbane Festival. In June 2011, the megaphone project was was presented at the World Children’s Festival, National Mall Washington DC and the John F Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, Washington DC, USA. It has now been seen by approximately 90,000 people of all ages.

Recent installations of the megaphone project include Asian Arts Centre, Gwangju,September 2015, ANSAN Festival, Korea May 2015, ANTI Festival, Finland,2014.the Sydney Festival, January 2013, IPAY Philadephia, January 2013 and LEAF Festival, Asheville, North Carolina.