Musical politics in the French Court: Italian Infiltration!



A Baroque chamber ensemble of high originality.

Known simply as Aracadia, the ensemble was formed in 2001 by Jacqueline Ogeil to explore the trio sonata, cantata, early opera and grand liturgical music genres. Their annual performances in Woodend Winter Art Festival have been a popular feature showcasing original Baroque instruments and the works of Scarlatti, Haydn and Vivaldi.

Around the turn of the 18th century, a strange and exotic music was performed in the private Salons of Paris; the Sonatas of Arcangelo Corelli. This program begins with one of the possible Sonatas performed in a Parisian Salon and goes on to explore works from the first wave of French composers influenced by Corelli. Another feature of this program is the Sonata by one of the few 18th-century female composers, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Accademia Arcadia


Arcangelo Corelli
Sonata da camera op. v, No. XI, 1700

François Duval
Sonata I, op. 18, ‘Amusements pour la chambre’, 1718

Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre
Sonata I, 1707

Jean Baptiste Senaillé
Sonata VI, Book 1, 1710

Louis-Antoine Dornel
Sonata IV ‘La Forcroy’, 1711

Cast & Crew

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Davide Monti

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Lucinda Moon

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Laura Vaughan

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Jacqueline Ogeil