'Musique ravished me...' the diary of Samuel Pepys



Continuo Collective delights in presenting rarely heard music on rare and beautiful instruments.

The have a passion for exploring the role of plucked instruments in the improvisatory art of basso continuo and as accompaniment to other instruments.

‘Musique ravished me and did wrap up my soul.’ So wrote Samuel Pepys…famous diarist of the English Civil War and the Great Fire of London, and avid musician. Almost every day he performed with various consorts, voraciously collected both music and musical instruments, and employed his own personal composer to arrange music for him.

The turbulent times saw him resident in a royal palace, imprisoned in the Tower of London, and smuggling his Flemish and Catholic composer out of London during the Popish Plot. An extraordinary life lived in extraordinary times, and told through his own music.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Continuo Collective


Cesare Morelli, Henry Aldrich
Give the king thy judgements (Text from Psalm 72)

Cesare Morelli, Henry Purcell
On our saviour’s passion (Text by Francis Quarles (1592-1644))

Francesco Corbetta
Suite al quinto tuono

Francesco Corbetta
Caprice de chacone for guitar in C major (from La guitarre royalle, 1671)

Cesare Morelli, Pietro Reggio
Verses by my Lord Rochester

Cesare Morelli, Pietro Reggio
Anacreon’s Ode to Love

Cesare Morelli, Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Nott’ e di v’am v’adoro

Robert de Visée
La Muzette Rondeau

Cesare Morelli, Jean-Baptiste Lully
Suivons l’amour

Cesare Morelli
To bee or not to bee

Antonio Sartorio, Cesare Morelli
Perche quando apersi a l’aure

Cesare Morelli
The World’s a Bubble

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Continuo Collective
Tyrone Landau tenor
Samantha Cohen theorbo
Geoffrey Morris guitar