Nest 1: Salt



A nest is a primal need. Stumbled upon close to the ground, or precariously balanced at a great height, it can be invaded, colonised or destroyed in a moment. Improvised or enduring, a nest is a sanctuary.

Curated by Melbourne Recital Centre’s 2018 Artist-in-Residence Genevieve Lacey, a cast of artists creates a shelter of music, words and light. Each performance is a discrete event, but also cumulative, fashioning a dwelling for listeners.

Andrea Keller is known for her extraordinary compositions. Lyrical and brave, she’s constantly exploring new terrain. In this performance, she returns to her roots, playing solo, and composing in real time.

In the exquisite listening room that is the Salon, performer Natasha Herbert joins theatre visionaries Daniel Schlusser, Ben Cobham and Jim Atkins in a unique collaboration. Using poetry and found texts they create playful, provocative and delicate interventions that guide and challenge the listener’s relationship to the distinctive sound world of each of these extraordinary musicians.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


Daniel Schlusser director
Natasha Herbert actor
Jim Atkins sound design
Ben Cobham light
Andrea Keller piano