Russian Caravan

St Basil


Anja & Zlatna is a vibrant ensemble which seeks to preserve the beauty of traditional melodies from the beautiful Balkans and beyond.

Journey through a land imbued with a fascinating and curious history. Russian Caravan features traditional and street songs, exploring dreams, nature and integral questions of existence.

From the ecstatic meditations of ‘Dusha maya pogreshnaya’, to the pensive street poetry of ‘Godi Mchatsya’ (Years Rush) and the patriotic war song ‘Katyusha’, experience the variety of Russian song with some added romance, of songs which became popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Anja & Zlatna


Tonkaya Ryabin

Russian Folk Romance
Ja Vstretil Ja Vas

P. Bukhalov
Nye Probuzhday Vospmoninyaniy

Orthodox Psalm
Dusha moya pogreshnaya

Oy, da nye vecher

Arkadiy Severnyi
Godi Mchatsya – street song (prison folk song)

Traditional Serbian
Tsiganka sam mala
Evo banke, tsigane moy

Loly Phabay
Nanye tsoha
Vo polye biryoza stayala