My Friend the Chocolate Cake - The Winter Revival Tour

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‘This album is a work of art…this is their best and their most accomplished album to date.’ Spill Magazine

Quintessentially Australian chamber pop noir group My Friend The Chocolate Cake take to the road for a series of concerts this June and July performing songs from their highly acclaimed 2017 album, The Revival Meeting, alongside some old favorites from their extensive back catalogue.

The Revival Meeting is the name of their new album, but My Friend The Chocolate Cake were playing to the converted … If there were any non-believers at a packed Lizotte’s, they were soon swept away by the charisma of this tight outfit … Bridie charmed the socks off everyone with his observations on all manner of subjects, including Pauline Hanson, the general populace being glued to their mobile phones and the joys of PNG’s culture. Stori Rabaul, even sparked some righteous dance moves by the lanky frontman … closing what was an inspiring, joyful, touching and deeply satisfying performance.’ Newcastle Herald

Presented by My Friend the Chocolate Cake


The six-piece’s sound is a seamless fusion of baroque pop, world music melodies, and ambient textures, with Bridie’s voice counterpointed by the strings of cellist Helen Mountfort and violinist Hope Csutoros.

Hallelujah, all praise The Cake.