William Lawes - the 'father of Musick'



Ludovico’s Band is one of Australia’s most dynamic Baroque bands acclaimed for its performances of music from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The combination of multiple plucked string instruments with soaring violins and a rich bowed bass creates a unique and exotic sound world.

Williams Lawes (1602-1645) was one of the most important and highly regarded Stuart composers, acclaimed by his colleagues, and by his employer Charles I, as famously noted in Thomas Fuller’s History of the worthies of England (1662): “Nor was the King’s soul so ingrossed with grief for the death of so near a kinsman, and Noble a Lord, but that hearing of the death of his deare servant William Lawes, he had a particular mourning for him when dead, whom he loved when living, and commonly called ‘the Father of Musick’”.

The Harp Consorts are suites of dances, most commonly starting with a complex and intriguing Pavan, displaying a rich tapestry of sweet polyphony, great rhythmic energy, and broad, calm melodies for harp, viol, violin and theorbo.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Ludovico’s Band


William Lawes
Harp Consort No.10 in G minor – Paven Coprario

Harp Consort No.11 in D minor

John Coprario
Gray’s Inn

William Lawes
Harp Consort No.7 in G

Harp Consort No.8 in G

Alman and Corant for two lutes in C

Harp Consort No.3 in G