Woody: Songs of Freedom



Woody: Songs of Freedom featuring Mick Thomas and Margret RoadKnight.

Celebrate one of the greatest folk singers of all time with this concert dedicated to the life and cultural phenomenon of Woody Guthrie. Featuring Bruce Hearn and The Machinists, Kavisha Mazzella, The Victorian Trade Union Choir, Kerri Simpson, plus guest vocalists Mick Thomas, Margret RoadKnight and more, this concert brings to life the struggles against inequality, racism, war and fascism which were felt deeply throughout the 20th century.

Bruce Hearn, from Strange Tenants, has gathered some of Melbourne’s best folk/roots musicians together to form The Machinists in a cheeky reference to The Weavers, to give new life to the songs of the legendary balladeer. Given the state of the world, with rising racism, intolerance, xenophobia, hatred and fear mongering, the time has come to re-discover and celebrate the power, humanity and social justice messages of the late great poet, Woody Guthrie. Remember, if not for Woody Guthrie, there would be no Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen!

‘I can feel the joy in your performances – back to the roots and inspirations. To continue to inspire!’ | Nora Guthrie, Woody Guthrie’s daughter

Presented by Bruce Hearn and Penney & Logan