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Embark on a cultural journey without borders.

Zourouna specialises in Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean music. Their unique repertoire includes traditional and modern tunes from Turkey, Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Each player is highly respected within his own community. Israeli born Yuval Ashkar specialises in oud, the deep voiced Middle Eastern lute. He also plays cumbus, darbuka, daf, riq, and zarb. Byron Triandafyllidis is steeped in Greek and Mediterranean musical traditions. He plays guitar, bouzouki, violin and darbuka. Percussionist George El-Azar plays percussion instruments from across the region, darbuka, riq, cajon, bendir and daf. Internationally sought after, Cuneyt Cekmak plays Turkish kanun. His instrument is a box zither with strings which he strikes and plucks, stretched across a slim trapezoidal body.

Collectively, they have developed a beautiful repertoire which offers new interpretations and perspectives on the musical traditions of the regions they draw on.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and The Boite