10 From 10 Melbourne Edition



Decibel New Music Ensemble was founded in Western Australia in 2009.

To celebrate ten years – four international tours, five recorded releases, over 70 commissioned works and 30 world premieres performed in Australia, Decibel commemorates with 10 concerts of 10 works across Australia in 2019. Performing Australian works commissioned and premiered by the ensemble.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre


Cat Hope Artistic Director, Flutes
Tristen Parr cello
Aaron Wyatt violin/viola
Lindsay Vickery reeds, electronics
Stuart James piano, percussion, electronics and spatialisation.
Louise Devenish percussion


James Richard

Samuel Dunscombe
West Park

Thembi Sodell
Our sickness is felt in my body

Marco Fusinato
Mass Black Implosion (Treatise, Cornelius Cardew)

Warren Burt
Another Noisey Lullaby

Brigid Burke
Burning Antrils

Carmen Chan
The Current State of Progress

Anita Hustas
Water Rat Tea Ceremony

Ernie Althoff
Front Row

Cat Hope
The Lowest Drawer


This production is part of the following series:

Metropolis New Music Festival 2019

A celebration of some of Australia’s – and the world’s – finest living composers, Metropolis New Music Festival showcases the Melbourne Recital Centre and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s commitment to contemporary music.