A Storytelling

Horsley & Williams Duo


Combining the unique sounds of the recorder and uilleann pipes

Horsley & Williams Duo is a driving force in fusing the worlds of electro-acoustic music and the refined counterpoint of the 18th century within contemporary Australia.

This program is a celebration of new Australian song with specials guests; vocalist and songwriter Lucy Wise and composer and electric bass-player Claire Cross. It showcases a diverse approach to Australian song and storytelling with both guests having backgrounds in classical, jazz, pop, folk and traditional music. New music for voice, ukulele, guitar, uilleann pipes, banjo, recorders and electric bass will be created especially for this performance, including arrangements of Lucy’s songs and new instrumental works, forming a remarkable collaboration of leading alternative artists.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Horsley & Williams Duo


Horsley & Williams Duo
Matthew Horsley uilleann pipes
Ryan Williams recorders
Lucy Wise vocals, ukulele, guitar
Claire Cross electric bass


Lucy Wise
Solid Ground

Claire Cross
New Work

An Bonnán Bui (The Yellow Bittern)

Lucy Wise
New work

Claire Cross

Kate Moore
House Of Shards & Shadows

Claire Cross
Write Letters

Claire Cross, Julie Wise
New Work

Lucy Wise
Winter Sun

Claire Cross
Northern Lights


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