Adaptive Processes

Horsley & Williams Duo


Combining the unique sounds of the recorder and uilleann pipes

Horsley & Williams Duo is a driving force in fusing the worlds of electro-acoustic music and the refined counterpoint of the 18th century within contemporary Australia. The duo has worked extensively with Australian composers to generate works that respond to an electro-acoustic practice, incorporating their instruments’ musical traditions into new amplified landscapes.

This collaboration with composer and electronic musician Carolyn Schofield is the culmination of several years of working in this field. This performance illustrates a reimagined sonic space for folk traditions from around the world, from the British Isles and France through to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and African Nations.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Horsley & Williams Duo


Matthew Horsley uilleann pipes
Ryan Williams recorders
Carolyn Schofield synthesisers, electronics


Carolyn Schofield
Residue of Structure (new work)

Liza Lim
Weaver of Fictions

Carolyn Schofield, Matthew Horsley, Ryan Williams
New work (collaborative)

Carolyn Schofield
Untitled solo work (for synthesisers)

Carolyn Schofield, Matthew Horsley, Ryan Williams
New work (collaborative)