Art, Identity & Nationhood

Arts, Identity and Nationhood


Four FOJAM artists will share the ways their physical selves and cultural identities inform their creative practice.

Artist, LGBT activist, actor and Emmy-nominated TV producer Zackary Drucker drew from her deeply spiritual Jewish experience when serving as a producer on the Golden Globe-winning Transparent.

Writer Lee Kofman will delve into her work about bodies and sexuality, which has previously been published widely in books and anthologies.

Independent choreographer and dance educator Israel Aloni’s work as co-director of ilDance is infused with their singular political perspective.

After growing up in a religious household, Asis D’Orange teased at the borders of both genre and gender in subversive performances that are drawn from a distinctly political, anarchist and genderqueer perspective.

Join these three revolutionary performers in a panel discussion led by social worker, musician and astrologer Keren Leizerovitz, co-host of the podcast Astrology Roast.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Shir Madness Melbourne