Bach: The Art of Fugue


Please note, the date of this concert has changed to Tuesday 3 December.


KIAZMA Piano Duo brings together the talents of pianists Tomoe Kawabata and Aura Go.

Equally at home in twopiano and four-hand repertoire from the Baroque to the present day, KIAZMA shares the unique combination of intimacy, intricacy and dynamism that each genre has to offer.

In his ultimate, enigmatic masterpiece, J.S. Bach traverses the full spectrum of contrapuntal possibilities with endlessly astonishing inventiveness. This compelling new take on the Art of Fugue sees pianists Tomoe Kawabata and Aura Go move seamlessly between solo, four-hand and two-piano playing, in an exploration that reveals and highlights Bach’s scope for deep introspection and sublime joy.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & KIAZMA Piano Duo


J.S. Bach

Simple fugues
Contrapunctus I
Contrapunctus II
Contrapunctus III
Contrapunctus IV

Contrapunctus V
Contrapunctus VI in Stylo Francese
Contrapuctus VII

Double and Triple Fugues
Contrapunctus VIII (Triple Fugue)
Contrapunctus IX (Double Fugue)
Contrapunctus X (Double Fugue)
Contrapunctus XI (Triple Fugue)

Canon per Augmentationem in Contrario Motu

Mirror Fugues
Contrapunctus XIIa
Contrapunctus XIIb
Contrapunctus XIIIa
Contrapunctus XIIIb

The Unfinished Fugue
Contrapunctus XIV

Reprise of Contrapunctus I