Baroque Birds and Beasts

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Art music & folk music meet

With an ability to seamlessly cross the genres and performance styles of folk and art-music, Evergreen Ensemble possesses a unique musical language.

Bringing together the best of Australia’s early music talent and folk icons, the Ensemble weaves stories back through time, rediscovering the sounds of folk melodies performed on period instruments.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Evergreen Ensemble


Robert Bremner
Hit Her on the Bum

Robert Bremner
Sonata Representiva

W. Nisbet of Dirleton
The Sow’s Tail

Traditional Scottish
The Seal Woman’s Sea-Joy
Prince of Seal’s & Foxhunter Reel

James Oswald
The Foxglove Sonata

Nathaniel Gow
The Hen’s March
Sir George Murray’s Favorite
The Duke of Wellington

Traditional / Camille Saint-Saëns
An Eala Bhàn (The White Swan)
Pilililiu (Song of the Swan)
Le Cygne

Antonio Vivaldi
Violin Concerto in A, RV 335 The Cuckoo


Shane Lestideau Baroque violin
Ben Dollman Baroque violin
Natasha Kraemer Baroque cello
Nicholas Pollock theorbo