Cassandra is a new music project about climate change, created to inspire action.

Cassandra was the daughter of the last king of Troy. She was cursed with the ability to see the future, but no one would believe her predictions. When Cassandra predicted the fall of Troy, she was ignored and Troy fell.

The experts say global warming is real and will be devastating. But where is the action? Do we really believe them or are we, like the Trojans, deaf to their prediction at our peril?

A collaboration between Hugh Crosthwaite and acclaimed poet Bella Li, Cassandra will be realised through the stunning tones of mezzo soprano Alexandra Mathew and the visceral expressive power of violinist Monica Curro and pianist Stefan Cassomenos.

Cassandra is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia and the Australian Cultural Fund.

Presented by Hugh Crosthwaite


Hugh Crosthwaite composer
Bella Li poet
Stefan Cassomenos pianist
Monica Curro violinist
Alexandra Mathew mezzo soprano