Chiquinha Gonzaga - Her legacy



Trio Corta-Jaca brings you Brazilian music in its most intimate and exposed form.

No sequins or feathers here. Just rhythms that will make you want to dance in your seat and melodies that conjure images of Rio, a city whose music has charmed and inspired musicians around the world for many epochs.

Having spent years in Brazil playing and studying its music, guitarist Doug de Vries brings to the stage a wealth of knowledge and skill that no other in Australia can rival. Flautist Asha Henfry fuses her Classical technical mastery with sensitivity and instinct like no other; and on cavaquinho, Josh Bridges ties them together with endless rhythmic spontaneity and groove. Taking this genre back to its core, the trio gather around one microphone. Taking turns at melody, improvisation and counterpoint. Each performer displays virtuosity and an innate understanding of choro. In this concert, Trio Corta-Jaca will explore works by 19th century feminist composer Chiquinha Gonzaga and the legacy she left behind.

Choro is a genre that is ever evolving and blossoming around the world. And for good reason – it’s energetic, soulful and joyous.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Trio Corta-Jaca


Proezas de Solon

Luciana Rabello

Lina Pesce
Bem-te-vi Atrevido

Moacir Santos
Coisa No.5

Mauricio Carrilho

Doug de Vries
Choro das Migrantes

Radames Gnattali
Retratos: Chiquinha Gonzaga

Zé da Zilda/ José Thadeu
Um Calo de Estimação

Chiquinha Gonzaga


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