Dance until the Sunrise

Anja & Zlatna


Anja & Zlatna is a vibrant ensemble which fuses the beauty of traditional melodies from the Balkans and beyond with 17th-century practices and improvisations.

Its unique sound is due in part to its original approach to instrumentation featuring the harpsichord. Sometimes one hears guitars, cimbalom, accordion kaval or ney. Vocalists Anja & Zlatna vary their techniques from traditional European to the Bulgarian chest voice and unexpected percussive timbres offer new musical delights.

Anja & Zlatna continues a Balkan journey where the music and stories make you feel just like you are there. What happens when you fall in love when young and untried? Could you relate to a girl who loves to take off her shoes and dance until sunrise? Have you been to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance? Hear Anja & Zlatna sing and play their wonderful music from the Balkans.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Anja & Zlatna


Anja & Zlatna


Serbian Traditional
Si zaljubi mlado momče

Milorad Petrović Seljančica (1875-1921)
Igrale se delije

Bosnian Traditional
Sinoć ja i moja kona

Macedonian Traditional
Kako što je taa čaša

Macedonian Traditional
Što mi je milo, em drago

Bulgarian Traditional
Ah, kde e moito libe

Italian Traditional
Firenze sogna

Vlah (Romanian) Traditional
Mndra mja ku krpa mura

Dimitrie Cantemir (1673-1723)
Peşrev (instrumental)

Greek Traditional
Thalassa lypisou

Šaban Bajramović (1936-2008)
Kerta mange daje

Serbian Traditional
Ciganka sam mala


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Anja & Zlatna

Ensemble Anja & Zlatna is known for its beautiful melodic lines and complex rhythms from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and beyond.