Flying Dutchman Sessions

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Evergreen Ensemble bridges the gap between folk music and Baroque music.

Known for its virtuosic programs bringing together the best of Australia’s early music talent and folk icons, it weaves stories back through time, rediscovering the sounds of folk melodies performed on period instruments.

The year is 1730 and a musical session is underway at the Flying Dutchman tavern in the Hague. Players from the four corners of Europe have crossed paths bringing together a colourful array of Baroque and folk repertoire. Special guest Krishna Nagaraja joins Evergreen Ensemble on Baroque viola – so draw up a chair next to the player’s table and enjoy a glass as Evergreen Ensemble transport you back through musical time.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Evergreen Ensemble


Krishna Nagaraja baroque viola (guest artist)
Shane Lestideau baroque violin
Ben Dollman baroque violin
Natasha Kraemer baroque cello


Traditional Finnish, Krishna Nagaraja
The Lappfjärd Set

Traditional Scottish, Shane Lestideau
The Horseman’s Port

Traditional Danish/ Poul Bjerager
Easter Sunday/ Polsk after Rasmus Storm

Traditional Swedish, Krishna Nagaraja
The Blue Goat Set

William McGibbon, Shane Lestideau
The Follies Set

Francesco Geminiani
Sonata No.2 ‘Bush aboon Traquair’

Traditional Swedish, Krishna Nagaraja
Polska after Somebody in Värmland

Traditional Swedish, Krishna Nagaraja
Dansa Lilla Syster

Alexander Munro
Sonata ‘Fy, gar rub her o’er wi’ strae’

Krishna Nagaraja
Rikki Tai Tikki


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