FOJAM Foyers

Emilia Schnall


Featuring Alma Zygier, Yuval Ashkar & Matt Stonehouse, Tal Cohen, Emilia, Claps, Bigots, Approachable Members of Your Local Community, Still Here, Instant Peterson, Shoshana Rosenberg, Mary Ocher (DJ)

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Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Shir Madness Melbourne



Taking wild risks to great sonic reward is what it’s all about for Claps. A new project founded by Melbourne saxophonist Greg Sher and pianist Joel Trigg from jazz band The Rookies, this improvisational five-piece draws from the history of house music and broken beat rhythms to craft kaleidoscopic new dance music experiences.
Claps takes to the stage in the Foyer for FOJAM 2019.

Tal Cohen

Acclaimed jazz pianist Tal Cohen spent his formative years absorbing Jewish folk songs and classical music. As a performer he picks apart their elements to craft a unique style of playing that’s rife with unexpected improvisation.Following the release of his second record, Gentle Giants, Cohen has toured the world, collecting influences from places like Miami, where Caribbean rhythms and harmonies struck a particularly strong chord. Hear him fuse it all together in this experimental live set.

Alma Zygier

Alma Zygier’s deeply emotional approach to performance has an ear to the past and an eye on the future. Her singing style draws from the pre-war jazz era where foundational artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong reigned supreme. Backed by a talented band of similarly gifted young players, she combines nostalgia for the songbooks of eras past with a wholly contemporary filter to remind audiences of jazz’s inherently transgressive nature.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community deliver neo-soul melodies in a tight, indie-pop package. The seven-piece band of charismatic yet nebbish boys channels the Tenenbaums in their matching Adidas gear and The Beach Boys in their layered and hopeful sound.
Their approach to making music is rooted in collaboration, as is their view of the world. The suburban paradise Approachable Members Of Your Local Community have designed is wide open and welcoming.

Shoshana Rosenberg

Shoshana Rosenberg’s bass clarinet practice is designed to subvert expectations of Jewish music. A transgender musician from Perth, Rosenberg is intent on shifting the boundaries of genre, and their experimental sonic approach sees them merging traditional instrumentation with experimental techniques, extracting as much from klezmer as they do from noise and metal. At FOJAM they will bring this distinct style to a performance on the Melbourne Recital Centre’s Juliet balcony.


Rising soul sensation Emilia has only recently released her first solo single, Feel, but has been a regular face on the jazz scene for years. A member of soul-groove outfit The Mamas and formerly of Emilia and the Scarlettes, this Jewish diva has been winning over audiences around the world with her distinctively buttery soul performances. Make time for her set in the Foyer to be transported back to the heyday of disco legends Chaka Khan and Earth Wind and Fire.

Mary Ocher – DJ set

For over a decade, avant-garde artist Mary Ocher has been pushing against the current, making work that confronts ideas of authority and identity. The experimental artist has held the attention of the art and music worlds since the 2011 release of ‘War Songs’, a collection of acoustic apocalyptic folk songs released under Mary and The Baby Cheeses. Her abstract approach to recording has seen Ocher direct videos, write poetry and dip into elements of garage music, ambient synths and experimental pop with African and South American rhythms. Her most recent record, ‘The West Against The People’ features her band, Your Government, and collaborations with Die Tödliche Doris and Felix Kubin. Following her solo performance earlier in the day, Mary Ocher will close out the festival with a DJ set on the Juliet balcony.