From the Caravan to the Club



Vardos has toured extensively for over two decades, garnering glowing reviews for its electrifying live performances.

Led by violinist Alana Hunt, the ‘live wire in chief’, and learning their craft from folk and Roma musicians in Eastern Europe, Vardos combines accordion, double bass and violin in performances of stirring compositions that draw on gypsy form and melodies.

Vardos delves into eclectic modern gypsy music from Romania, tracing the beloved musical tradition to its Eastern sources. In contemporary Romania synthesisers and electric violins have crept in, but here Vardos plays traditional instruments in the classic ‘Taraf’ formation of violin, accordion and double bass, with vocal laments and ballads in Romanian and Romany (gypsy) language. These rousing works unearth a trove of mysterious and exotic wonders.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Vardos


Alana Hunt violin
Sofia Chapman piano accordion/vocals/viola/hurdy gurdy
Kirri Büchler double bass


Traditional, Vardos
Saraiman (Path of Sapphires)
Mahala (Sounds of Suburban Bucharest)
Lelita Floare
My Beautiful Shtetl of Belz
Polenta and Cheese
Turceasca (in the Turkish manner)
Dance Cycle from Szaszcsavas
Hora from the Mountains

In a Persian Market

Traditional, Vardos
Hora Lautareasca
Djelem Djelem