Happy Axe & Kcin

Happy Axe and Kcin.jpg


Two compelling artists join forces — balancing nature with technology, harmony with texture — in an evening of immersive and intimate soundscapes.

Happy Axe is multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath Emma Kelly, an artist who uses violin, voice and musical saw to build spellbinding ambient pop music. Inspired equally by the organic sonic landscapes of artists like Björk and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and the brooding string-laden film scores of Hollywood noir, she builds sound-worlds filled with both light and shadow. Happy Axe performances are a hypnotic experience: deft melodies and atmospheric loops cascade and fold themselves around you. Entrancing patterns form and then dissolve.

Intimate and highly visceral, Kcin’s (aka drummer and producer Nicholas Meredith) music explores themes of uncertainty and environmental change. Drenched in electronic and digitally produced sounds, his works reveal haunted and transfixing imagery of the natural world: monolithic structures, human biology, water. Meredith’s history as a jazz drummer and improviser combines with his embrace of technology to infuse his compositions with a freedom of rhythm and structure that is uniquely energised.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Spirit Level