with special guest Five Below



Neoclassical phenomenon Hauschka creates a vivid wilderness on solo piano.

Hauschka’s music is a worthy companion to anyone who loves the journey over the destination. Populated with lush tones, pensive melodies and brooding rhythms, his works engage with our innate desire to connect more deeply with nature and ourselves.

For this special Australian performance, Hauschka will perform pieces from his new album, selected compositions from his previous albums, and a selection of works from the feature films ‘Lion’, ‘Hotel Mumbai’ and the BBC TV show ‘Patrick Melrose’.

Lauded for bringing prepared piano into the 21st century, the German composer and pianist has led a prolific composing career spanning theatre, dance, classical ensembles, a string of critically acclaimed film scores and many praised solo releases. It seems wherever his wide-eyed curiosity takes him, an equally curious and meditative music follows. There’s just enough space for the listener to wander beside him.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre



Five Below:
Stephen Magnusson guitar
Andrea Keller piano
Sam Anning double bass
Mick Meagher electric bass
James McLean drums