Hotel Record: oren ambarchi and crys cole

oren ambarchi and crys cole


When Canadian sound artist crys cole and experimental Australian composer oren ambarchi fused their lives together it was natural that their work would follow suit.

The geographic impasse that exists between the two artists led them to explore the ways that space and time can matter intensely or not at all – a sentiment that prevails on ‘Hotel Record’, their second LP as collaborators, released in 2018.

Layering field recordings from a trip to Thailand with vocoder whispers, acoustic instrumentation and breathy organs, the record is a testament to the intense alchemy of intimacy between two people.

cole and ambarchi will come together at FOJAM to perform from ‘Hotel Record’ in the Salon, the physical distance between them shrunk down to nothing.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Shir Madness Melbourne