Ears Wide Open: L’Italiana in Algeri

Ears Wide Open


Rossini’s brilliant opera overture

It starts with hushed pizzicato strings, and a lyrical oboe solo. A bright and cheery allegro begins; the orchestra prancing to the sound of twittering woodwinds and cymbal crashes. Then that famous theme: first in the oboe, next as a duet between the piccolo and bassoon.

It’s silly stuff, this Overture to The Italian Girl in Algiers. But it’s carried off with such effortless charm, and is typical Rossini!

The Italian composer knew how to have fun, and he also had a keen ear for catchy melody. Not to mention he was a master shaper of the orchestra; from the overture’s quiet opening, to its brilliant tutti outbursts.

Join the MSO and see how the 21 year-old Rossini puts the orchestra to good use in this brilliant opera overture.

Presented by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra