Mojo Juju: Native Tongue

featuring guest appearances from Joshua Tavares & MIRRAH



Mojo Juju and her band perform the critically acclaimed Native Tongue.

‘Mojo Juju is a killer vocalist, songwriter and musician, this we have known for years. But the skill to make a record of such disparate sounds come across so cohesively cannot be taught. Native Tongue works so brilliantly as a whole because it’s real. Mojo reaches deep on these songs and lays more of herself on the line than many others would have the guts to do.’ – DOUBLE J

In 2018 Mojo Juju released her biggest album to date, garnering rave reviews for the brutally honest title track ‘Native Tongue’ and its accompanying video. Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga, a.k.a. Mojo Juju, continues to amass new fans and collect a slew of accolades, including the AIR Award for ‘Best Independent Single’, the J Award for ‘Best Music Video’ and the Dreamtime Award for ‘Best Female Artist’.

Raw, honest, emotional and intrinsically political, Native Tongue contemplates her mother’s indigenous heritage, her father’s experience as a Filipino immigrant and her own place in the cultural landscape of modern Australia.

Directed by Russall S. Beattie. This project was commissioned and developed by Arts Centre Melbourne.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre in arrangement with Village Sounds