More Than One Place

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When you call one place home, yet you also call another place home, where are you from?

Taking inspiration from Iran, Australia and beyond, Garden Quartet creates contemporary music that is steeped in history and dares to explore the dualities of multiculturalism.

Delicate Iranian poetry entwines with pop sensibilities, as the Quartet delves into themes of place, home, love, loss and hope in original and cherished works. Led by kamancheh player and vocal virtuoso Gelareh Pour, Garden Quartet’s diverse influences carry wisdom and emotion into music that tugs at your heart.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Garden Quartet


Gelareh Pour kamancheh, qeychak, alto & voice
Arman Habibi santur/voice
Mike Gallichio electric guitar
Brian O’Dwyer drum kit


Gelareh Pour, Arman Habibi, Mike Gallichio, Brian O’Dwyer
Anxiety Wars
I Am An Ocean
When You’re Not Yourself You’re No One
Speak Forever
Parisa’s Secret
Before You Go

Morteza Hannaneh
Ala Tee Tee

Andrew Miller, Gelareh Pour, Brian O’Dwyer
Moonlove Gilava

Nick Cave
Into My Arms

Gelareh Pour, Arman
Kamancheh & Santur duet