PLEXUS: Paracosm



PLEXUS is joined by esteemed soloists Deborah Cheetham, Liane Keegan and Christian Smith, as well as guest instrumentalists, conductor Michael Dahlenburg and newly formed choral ensemble Vox Plexus, as it inhabits the possessed paracosm of John of Patmos in his instant of apocalyptic epiphany, with Stefan Cassomenos’ Requiem for the End of Time.

Combining English texts from the Book of Revelation with the Latin Mass for the Dead, this twenty-first-century Requiem was glowingly received at its premiere as “jubilant and arresting… a rapturous, hour-long musical orgy that disintegrates any line between what’s sacred and profane.” Melbourne composer Stuart Greenbaum’s Dance Music for Concert Halls openly wonders what it means to listen to dance music while sitting still, and takes us on a cultural expedition through a diverse heritage of Afro-American, English, Balkan and Latin dances.

Melbourne ensemble PLEXUS brings together the talents of three of Australia’s most vibrant and versatile musicians, violinist Monica Curro, clarinetist Philip Arkinstall and pianist Stefan Cassomenos, with the goal of commissioning and celebrating Australian and international composers. The ensemble is devoted to engaging an ever growing network of exceptional artists, celebrating their contribution to Australia’s rich and diverse cultural landscape. Since launching in 2014, PLEXUS has commissioned and premiered over 100 new works. PLEXUS is exclusively supported by private donations, and all funds raised are dedicated to the commissioning and presentation of new music and collaborations.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & PLEXUS


Deborah Cheetham AO
Insieme•Yapeneyepuk•Together (world premiere)

Stuart Greenbaum
Dance Music for Concert Halls (2012)

Stefan Cassomenos
Requiem for the End of Time (2015)


Monica Curro, violin
Philip Arkinstall, clarinet
Stefan Cassomenos, piano

with guest artists
Deborah Cheetham soprano
Michael Dahlenburg conductor
Damien Eckersley double bass
Liane Keegan contralto
Christian Smith baritone
Michelle Wood cello
Vox Plexus