Sound the Trumpet


This event takes place at Hanson Dyer Hall


‘Outstanding virtuosity on the part of both instrumentalists and singers, coupled with a sense of theatre, invested this superb music with great emotional intensity.’ The Age

Ludovico’s Band is one of Australia’s most dynamic Baroque bands acclaimed for its performances of music from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The combination of multiple plucked string instruments with soaring violins and a rich bowed bass creates a unique and exotic sound world.

After the last official castrato, Alessandro Moreschi retired in 1913, audiences thought they had heard the last of the high male voice. Then in the 1960s singers such as Alfred Deller began to develop the falsetto range of their voice, and the modern-day answer to the castrato, the ‘counter tenor’, was born. Melbourne’s own countertenor Maximilian Riebl soars to the heights of 17th-century song, as he joins Ludovico’s Band in a program of favourite works by Purcell, Handel and Blow.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Ludovico’s Band


Henry Purcell
Dido and Aeneas Z 626 – overture
King Arthur Z 628: How Happy the Lover
The Comical History of Don Quixote Z 578: From Rosy Bowers
The Fairy Queen, Z.629 – Chaconne

John Dowland
Flow My Tears
Lachrimae Antique Pavane

Henry Purcell
Chacony in G minor, Z.730

Anne Boleyn
O Death Rock me Asleep

Robert Parsons

George Frideric Handel
The Choice of Hercules HWV 69: Lead, Goddess lead the way


Maximilian Riebl countertenor
Ludovico’s Band


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