SYNTHESIS: a performance curated by MESS



In collaboration with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS), expand your know-how on analogue culture with an exclusive performance from leading local and international talent.

Melbourne Recital Centre comes alive for an evening performance with celebrated pioneers and local heroes in electronic music progression. Discover new possibilities in electronic sound, as U.S. Grammy-nominated composer Suzanne Ciani, U.S. experimental producer Hiro Kone and Melbourne’s Andras stretch the boundaries between technology and creation.

Named a synth luminary alongside the likes of Bob Moog and Don Buchla, Suzanne Ciani’s compositional output spans 16 solo albums, most recently heard on LIVE Quadraphonic, a live album of solo performance on a Buchla synthesiser. Ciani’s expertise as a neo-classical recording artist and electronic music pioneer has seen her tour the world multiple times over, while her sound compositions have been featured in countless feature films and commercials.

Hiro Kone joins Ciani from New York, bringing her wealth of experimental electronic expertise to the live arena for a world premiere performance of her forthcoming album A Fossil Begins To Bray.

A recent MESS resident and widely acclaimed producer with an unpredictable take on dance music, Melbourne’s Andras will perform expanded ideas, and new works spawned through his residency. Don’t miss this opportunity to see three unique artists live in uncharted territory.

Across six days and nine venues from Oct 15 – 20, Red Bull Music Festival lands in Melbourne to uncover Australia’s thriving new guard, so you won’t sleep on your next musical hero. Click here to discover the full line up.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Red Bull Music Festival


Suzanne Ciani is a five-time Grammy-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist whose work has been featured in countless commercials, video games, and feature films. Over the course of her 40+ year career, she’s released 16 solo albums, including Seven Waves, The Velocity of Love, and most recently, her comeback quadraphonic Buchla modular synth performance recording LIVE Quadraphonic. She’s been recognised as Keyboard Magazine’s ‘New Age Keyboardist of the Year’ and was inducted into the first class of Keyboard Magazine’s Hall of Fame alongside other synth luminaries, including Bob Moog, Don Buchla and Dave Smith.

NYC producer Hiro Kone is the alias of Nicky Mao who takes a deconstructive approach to music. Known to draw upon a combination of modular synthesis, noise, field recordings, and her once abandoned violin training. Hiro Kone has participated in several collaborations, most notably a live score for Cinema 16 at The International House of Philadelphia, A Raga for oog and Violin with Arp, a live re-imagining of Little Annie Anxiety’s 1984 album Soul Possession, and music for David Van Tiegham x 10 Fits and Starts.

Andras is the stage name of Andrew Wilson, an Australian musician who’s earned acclaim for his unpredictable take on dance music. His soft focused abstractions cut a broad path through ‘90s underground house, soundtrack and ambient music. His work is loosely based around drum machine rhythms and soft synthesis; smoothing over nature-machine and industrial-relaxation binaries and enjoying the slippage.


7pm: Doors
7.30pm – 8.10pm: Andras
Interval 20 mins
8.30pm – 9.10pm: Hiro Kone
Interval 20 mins
9.30pm – 10.30pm: Suzanne Ciani

Experience the MESS installation in the ground floor foyer between each performance.