TANEC 70 Year Jubilee



‘Captivating and energetic.’

TANEC – The Soul of Macedonia are renowned and revered in folk dancing circles and competitions worldwide, boasting over 4500 concerts on their CV and captivating audiences of all ages with vibrant costumes dating back to 150 years. ‘TANEC’ will be performing with a 10-piece orchestra of traditional Macedonian folk instruments, choir, singers and over 20 precision dancers that must be seen to be believed.

This spectacular event will showcase an array of high energy dances to slow, controlled dances that defy the laws of physics themselves. Each dance tells a story of a much simpler time in Macedonia with intriguing cultural nuances. Let your eyes, ears and soul take you on a journey through time and space with a mesmerising display of song and dance. Be prepared for an electrifying performance, be prepared for TANEC!

Presented by TOŠE – Australian Macedonian Dance Ensemble