Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

The Four Seasons


Brace against a biting winter and feel the eruption of a summer storm in this inventive performance of Vivaldi’s masterpiece on period instruments.

Inspired by four sonnets depicting rustic scenes from the Italian countryside, Vivaldi’s concertos challenge musicians to create striking impressions of nature. The identity of the sonnets’ author is unknown, but Vivaldi’s ingenious instrumental rendering of the evocative Italian text has become universal. Brandenburg Concertmaster and Baroque violin soloist, Shaun Lee-Chen will create a bold and imaginative vision of Vivaldi’s masterful music.

Also on the program is Georg Philipp Telemann’s Water Music – a vibrant orchestral suite in ten vivid movements. This work evokes nautical images from a remote mythological past of wrathful sea gods, mischievous water nymphs and the rulers of the winds.

Presented by Australian Brandenburg Orchestra



Georg Philipp Telemann
Concerto for 4 violins in G, TWV 40:201
Ouverture-Suite in C, Water Music, TWV 55:C3

Antonio Vivaldi
The Four Seasons, Op.8 No.1-4


Paul Dyer Artistic Director
Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
Shaun Lee-Chen Baroque violin (Perth)