Spun Stories

Spun Stories


A storyslam with Elise Hearst, Nevo Zisin, Emily Lubitz & Magic Steven

It’s been 47 years since Lou Reed issued the call to walk on the wild side in the song he once predicted would form the outline of his obituary. Whether they heard in his lyrics an urgent instruction or a comforting reassurance, rebels and wild ones have, for decades, been treading that path.

In Spun Stories, six Jewish writers will participate in a storytelling slam, in the spirit of the original Knitting Factory on New York’s Lower East Side. As they revel in the risqué, rebel against the status quo and embrace their own wild sides, these writers will pay tribute to the hustling heroes of Andy Warhol’s Factory by whom Reed him¬self was inspired.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Shir Madness Melbourne


Nevo Zisin is a Jewish, queer, non-binary writer, activist and public speaker with a particular focus on issues surrounding gender, sex, culture and sexuality. They are the author of the award-winning memoir ‘Finding Nevo’, and contributed to ‘Kindred: A Queer Young Adult Australian Anthology’.

Elise Hearst is a playwright, writer and storyteller. Her recent work for the stage includes ‘Bright World’ at Theatre Works, ‘The Mesh’ at Red Stitch, and ‘The Sea Project’ at the Griffin Theatre in Sydney.

Emily Lubitz is best-known for being the singer and songwriter in critically acclaimed indie-folk band Tinpan Orange. She has also recorded and toured with her side project, We Two Thieves; appeared on ‘Rockwiz’; and been the voice of viral advertising campaign ‘Dumb Ways To Die’.

Magic Steven is a Melbourne-based artist whose work has been described at various times as autobiographical storytelling, deadpan comedy, guided meditation, group therapy and long-form beat poetry. He has performed at festivals around Australia and internationally.

Nicola Redhouse is the author of Unlike the Heart: a memoir of brain and mind that encapsulates her experiences with mental health and the dark aspects of motherhood. She has written about everything from psychoanalysis to space travel and been published in the Australian, the Monthly, Meanjin, Kill Your Darlings and others.

Lee Kofman has earned devoted readers on the strengths of her books, including Imperfect: How bodies shape the people we become and The Dangerous Bride. She has edited anthologies of personal essays by prominent Australian authors and seen her short works published in Australia and overseas.