The Light Within



Led by the Bosnian-Australian artist Nela Trifkovic and featuring some of Melbourne’s best-known musicians, SARAY Iluminado is known for its distinctive and intimate performance style that thrives on music and story-telling.

Drawing on music and storytelling, SARAY Iluminado transports you to the ancient Balkans during the time when nights, mermaids, story tellers, dervishes and even demons played the world as if it was a song. Such is the mystic world of sevdah and Sephardic Jewish Music musically conjured by Saray Iluminado performing within a set by Australia’s renowned industrial designer Christopher Boots.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and SARAY Iluminado


Traditional Sevdah, SARAY Iluminado
Kraj Potoka (By the Brook)

Traditional Sephardic, SARAY Iluminado
Djako/Una Ora En La Ventana (Jaco/An Hour At The Window)
La Serena (The Mermaid)

Traditional Sevdah
Ah sto cemo ljubav kriti (Why Would We Hide Our Love)

Traditional Sevdah, Traditional Sephardic, SARAY Iluminado
Fel Shara/Anadolka (Fel Shara/Anatolian Girl)

Traditional Sephardic, SARAY Iluminado
Me Estas Mirando (You Are Looking At Me)

Traditional Sevdah, SARAY Iluminado
Mehemda Majka Budila (Mother Wakes Mehemed Up)
Zute Dunje ( Song of the Yellow Quince)

Traditional Sephardic, SARAY Iluminado
Por la tu puerta yo pasi (I Walk Past Your Window)


Nela Trifkovic vocals/frame drums
Irine Vela laouto/guitar/oud
Ernie Gruner violin/mandolin
Kelly Dowall clarinet/ney flute/frame drum
Dan Witton double bass/vocals


This production is part of the following series:

Local Heroes 2019

Now in its eighth year, Melbourne Recital Centre’s Local Heroes series brings together Melbourne’s best artists in a year-long festival of chamber music.