The Lost Clog

The Lost Clog


Enjoy a tongue-in-cheek celebration of Lithuanian folk songs and the incidental humour arising from literal translations into English.

The Lost Clog brings together ten of Melbourne’s most celebrated Lithuanian pagan singers to breathe new life into archaic Lithuanian songs of harvest, love, talking horses, ruined rue gardens, amorous toads, drunken goddesses, drunken mosquitoes, drunken sparrows and drunks. The group is made up of beautiful looking women in stunning national dress and ordinary looking men.

The Lost Clog is made up of the descendants of immigrants. Given that folkloric music is passed down aurally, we find The Lost Clog adapting these songs with their own interpretations. The main imprimatur of the ensemble is to make this music accessible and enjoyable to English speaking audiences. This is achieved in live performances through engaging the audience in a spoken narrative between songs from a somewhat ‘left of centre’ perspective.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & The Boite


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