Turning Circles



This year Syzygy Ensemble turns 10 and reflects on what it means to grow and change.

The award-winning contemporary music group is lauded for its virtuoso precision and original programming. This concert explores journeys both literal and metaphorical, from the curious life cycle of bees with Liza Lim to the ecstatically pealing bells of Sean Shepherd’s Lumens, celebrating nature’s cycle of rebirth from ash and fire — new life after death.

Join Syzygy for a post-concert wine tasting in the ground floor foyer.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Syzygy Ensemble


Tansy Davies
Grind Show (Electric)

Liza Lim
The Turning Dance of the Bee

Sean Shepherd

Andrew Byrne
Ghost in the Machine (world premiere)


Read the program notes before the concert

In an effort to move away from creating large amounts of printed materials that have a limited life span, Syzygy are now producing digital program notes in advance of the concert to give you insight into the works.

You can read online or download them before the concert to view on your device. Programme design by Zoë Engle.